Rejuvenation That Your Body Deserves

It is an intense journey which let you hold on your mood and body balance. Detoxify your skin from all toxic also keep your mind healthy and body in perfect harmony. A massage can be answer of all of your worries and problems related to mind, skin, body. To get a perfect peaceful spiritual journey one should try nuru massage. When your blood flow effectively to all your organs it gives your health handful of benefits to sustain more in life. A massage always helps you to coordinate more with your heart and soul in balance way of life. It enhances your sense of touch in body and awake your sensuality. Massage make your immune system healthy and improve your digestion. A good nuru massage always boost your flexibility of muscles and bones. It also can give you a better posture. It is an old art of heavenly relaxation where you can get rid of all stress anxiety. It was invented in japan long time ago. In it they cover your body with extra smooth slippery gel. The special gel called nuru gel it gives a slippery movements of hands on your body. This gel mainly tasteless and odour less also contains no colour at all in it. Its gives smooth silky texture to your body that allow a massager to slip on your body and gives you ultimate pleasure. This massage performed by professionals those have experience in it. This gel made of 100% natural ingredients which is good for your skin and have no harmful effect. It often performed on air bed that allow you to get relaxed on it. Nuru massage New York helps you to achieve spiritual sensual feeling that lasts with you every-every long. Nuru massage is intimate by nature and has effective results that one can only feel. Massage is a best way to get emotional and physical connection into your inner self. Nuru massage works wonder on both gender (men and women) equally. Massage gives exposure to your body to soul, its always wonderful to get a relaxation in your mind. Gentle smooth touch on your body can do wonders for you, it’s always a nice idea to pamper yourself to feel special and valuable all over again.

Nuru massage have many health benefits that improve your skin and muscles tissues. Nuru massage always make you free from harmful thoughts. It is very effective to boost your confidence and sensuality in you. Nuru massage New York provides complete rejuvenation that your body deserves. In this fast life we all do need some quality time for ourselves where we can cherish our moments and pamper our own self. A powerful way to get pleasurable experience, it also helps your organs work best.

Wonderful Way To Relax Your Body And Muscles To Feel Joyful

Erotic Body massage New York it helps to tighten your skin, makes it healthy, it cures pain and soreness deep down to your muscle tissues. Physiotherapist use this massage technique to reduce pain and solve injury issues. They treat sportsperson and accidental cases to make their body part to move or to work again. They have best experienced staff who knows what is perfect for your body, they massage in circular motion with hands in a way that you feel deepest relaxation and enjoyment. Erotic Body massage New York offers best massage that leave you with long lasting heavenly feeling and compliment your body to soul. It makes your body relax, healing process with absolute pleasure and sense of orgasm. Erotic massage has touch that can enhance your intimacy and soft hands rubbing your body with help of oil and making your relaxation to the peak. This process makes you away from all the worries, work related tensions and make you under deep relaxation and comfortable state of mind. Provides a massage that open up your new world, where you feel no anxiety and dark issues, only pleasure. Ambience plays an important role, it can lift your mood or can make it dull, it’s all depends on it. lights have huge impact on eyes as it can make you feel tensed and light, dim light always make your sleep fast than bright light similarly. Candle massage has effect of calmness and it goes well with soft music, they complement each other well and create an atmosphere that is sensual which is best for erotic massage. Soft light soul touching music make you relaxed from the core and activate your senses.

Erotic simply mean by sensually and excitement that capable to prove you a next level comfort. Massage is a wonderful way to relax your body and muscles to feel joyful. It let you explore your sensual side bit more than you have ever done in past. Erotic massage let you rediscover the depth of physical pleasure, where your mind and body linked with each other and get synchronised. After a stressful day, what can cheer you up. If you trying to find out the answer, then it must be a massage. Yes, massage it can fill you will joy and make you energetic again. Massage is an ancient art, there are different types and ways to do it since old ages. Day by day it’s getting better & better, new ways adding up more impact in it. Massage usual done by oils which have property to infuse in your body goes deeper in your skin layer, for any type of skin its very beneficial and effective, for dry skin it can reform it make it smooth and nourished, for normal skin it adds more glow and give shiny surface, for oily skin it made it free from inner layer impurities and make it look healthy inside out.

Re-Discover The Pleasure Of Joy And a Journey

Erotic massage New York let you re-discover the pleasure of joy and a journey that revels many pleasures in your body. Massage makes you totally calm and effect the stimulation of hormones release during the process. Massage stimulates very high sensitivity and flow of energies that goes with you even after session in over. It can help mental, sexual health and improve your spirituality many health benefits associated with it. Erotic massage makes your fall sleep easier and improve your sleep quality. Massage is a wonderful way to get rid of all toxic of skin and have smooth supple shiny surface. Massage help to improve blood flow in body and lower the blood pressure. Erotic massage boasts your immunity and gives you total pleasure. Erotic massage is one of the famous massages that give your body what it deserve with unique spicy way. It helps to remove dead skin cells as well as makes your skin attractive. This deep massage makes you stress free and melts away your tension or depression very quickly. Erotic massage enhance well-being, promote self-esteem and rejuvenate your sex life. Erotic massage increase sexual excitement with relaxation and refreshments. Massage helps to encourage tissue regeneration. Erotic massage relax and clam your body while increase its strength. It’s a process to build up your immunity with all unique exciting way. It’s an ancient tradition to give oneself total joy and pleasure. Erotic massage oil gives smooth flowing movements on body that ignite their inner excitement in absolute define manner. Exotic massage done by circle strokes stretching stroke to clear stiffness of body and to make it more flexible. Erotic massage is a technique of massage that includes softer stroke variants to soothe to hard relax state of muscles, move to stronger or harder techniques for massage.

A massage is a touch on your body which is good for both mental and physical health. Massage helps to repair sore and cramped muscles and improve blood circulations. This process of sensual massage allows you very deep relaxation and sensations in body. Erotic massage New York allows you to get little extra pleasure each time you get your massage done with them. Massage is a touch and makes you calm and relax away from anxiety. Erotic massage has the potential to gives you an extra ordinary exciting experience that you will never forget. Erotic massage has combination of both high sexual arousal and deep down physical relaxation at the same. Erotic massage gives floating sensation which is an addition to the pleasure and absolute excitement. Skill full massager make your relief from headaches cramps and other stress. Erotic massage makes one feeling utterly relaxed, refreshed, and renewed from internal core.

Wonderful Way To Relax And Feel Joyful About Yourself

As name says is all erotic massage is a sensuous massage to give one complete pleasure and relaxation that they deserve. Erotic massage is a wonderful way to relax and feel joyful about yourself. This massage let yourself lose in deep sense of relaxation, connection to explore pleasure. Erotic massage allows you to rediscover yourself in utter excitement and explore the hidden energy of body. Erotic massage Manhattan offers best massage that leave you with long lasting heavenly feeling and compliment your body to soul. It gives your body healing process with absolute pleasure and sense of orgasm. Erotic massage take place in such delightful environment that spice up your pleasure more, dim lights with perfect low music with scented candle and petal of roses also can be there. Erotic massage has touch that can enhance your intimacy and soft hands rubbing your body with help of oil and making your relaxation to the peak. This process makes you away from all the worries tensions stress and make you under deep relaxation and comfortable state of mind. Erotic massage has gentle stokes on body with circular actions on everybody part to make is un-forgetful experience. Erotic massage allows energy flow in your body and release it in perfect manner. Erotic massage performed by Luke warm oil and soft movements on your skin, oil do have health benefits it absorbers in your skin and moisturised it. It’s a process where you can just sit back and lay down, let other give you a feeling of compassion and gratitude.

Erotic massage Manhattan makes you relaxed, refreshed, and renewed from inside outside both. Massage makes one totally calm and compose with effect of stimulation to hormones. This process also has flows of energies that stays with you even after that massage session over. It improves your mental sensual health and spirituality that associated with health and mind peace. Erotic massage makes you sleep sound while correcting your sleep quality. Massage remove toxics from your skin and make it smooth silky. To get an attractive body it’s important to have great balance of soul and mind which you can get with erotic massage with pleasure of sensuality. Erotic itself says a sensual accomplish feeling that can gives you little extra than ever. Erotic massage also give sexual arousal and deep down physical relaxation all at same time. A wonderful magnificent floating sensation that is un-beatable and best in class. A un-forgetful experience that gives your body to soul relaxation. A highly skilful massage gives your body a soft smooth touch in circular motion that revitalize your skin. Massage also have anti-ageing effects its polish and nourish your skin all together. Massage that enlighten your body gives you a fresh new skin that completely moisturize it. Massage is a best way to pamper your body and to get a peace in your mind. It allow you to get into deep down relaxation and sensations in body that make you relief from all the stress and anxiety.

Refreshing And Revitalized Your Skin Body And Mood

Body rub refreshes and revitalizes your skin body and mood. Massage makes your body healthy. Body rub performed on air bed or massage bed. It’s an ultimate way to experience muscle relaxation and enjoyment in every bit of it. This process relishes the un-beatable experience of indulgent sensations with relaxes muscles and skin tissues. Body rub massage left your skin moisturized supple soft and smooth. Its helps in releasing all harmful toxic from body and lower the blood pressure. It’s a way to get ultimate pleasure with exposure of shiny smooth skin. Body Rub in Nyc gives erotic and sensual services which last long and fill you with feeling of joy. Body rub giving a huge sexual exploration that enhancer the feeling of complete exposure to satisfy the body and mind. It is not just for men, it’s for all whoever want to rediscover their excitement in all unique way. It creates endless pleasure feeling while creating sensual energy during such simulated activity. Gentle and effective stokes of hands on your body and skin makes it easier to get rid of all anxiety and desperation. Every single touch of your body makes you near to the feeling of absolute pleasure and mind-blowing experience.


Body Rub in Nyc offers a best massage services that entitle a free soul and burden free mind. Oil get absorbed fast in body, oil contains anti- oxidant that last in body and make is toxic free. Oil help to have smooth and slippery movement on body that allows one to get a perfect motion of effects. Professional performs body rub and they know all effective pressure points to have maximum benefits. body rub has benefits to get a perfect relaxation and beautiful sensual experience that can’t be defined in simple words its objectify your body and mind. It’s a stress buster and total reliever experience that unwind all stress and depressions. Body needs treatment that is relaxing and peaceful to deal with everyday life situations. Massage makes muscles versatile and flexible with immediate effects. Body rub is a technique of massage in which you get oil treatment on your body with circular motion of hands and wrist. Massage have different names and techniques, to simulating your blood flow. It gives you a joy and cheerful feeling that last long even after massage session is over. Body rub best to get flexibility in body and get rid for all the stiffness. Body rub gives many benefits to your body, it’s a technique of massage that reduce anxiety, get instant relief of depression, control the pain, temporarily lower heart rate, balance blood pressure and anxiety issues. Massage stimulating the flow of blood in the entire body to release toxic from skin and by improving sleep and relaxation.

The First Time An Erotic Massage: What Can I Expect?

If you are the one, who never had any erotic massage in life then you might not know what the masseuses do during the massage. Make your first appointment for an erotic massage New York, and experience the thrill and sensation for the first time. Read further to know how the magic wand of the masseuses works during erotic massages in New York.

Plan your Erotic Massage New York

As soon as you plan to take an erotic massage, you need to visit our website and here you will find all the information regarding all kinds of erotic massage we provide. You will get all the news regarding our masseuses, reviews of our previous clients and you will get to feel how our masseuses work. You can also go through the latest news and offers with the help of pictures and videos.
If you are not choosy about your masseuse, then you can anytime reach our parlor and get the erotic massage but if you like, a particular masseuse and want that hot girl to massage your body, you need to book a prior appointment so that we can provide you what you want.


Reach the Parlor and waiting at the reception

Once you reach our parlor, our receptionist will explain you every kind of massage we offer and you will be served with fresh coffee or tea or whatever beverage you would like to have. After you go through the different massage packages and the respective rates, you can select the right one for you and we will make sure that this massage is the best experience of your life. If you do not find your right masseuse, you can either wait or come back again with a prior appointment.

We offer various kinds of massages like Body Rub, Erotic massage New York, Nuru Massage, and Nuru Extreme and so on. Select and pay in advance before you enter the hot massage world.

The Massage World that awaits you

Based on your choice of massage, the masseuse will choose the right room for you. The rooms may be VIP, themed one but it will opt for whatever you have chosen. You can lie down and relax. Just follow what our masseuse say and indulge yourself in the aromatic fragrance and ambiance of the massage room.

You will ask to take a light shower and this will lighten up your mood. When you see a naked, hot masseuse massaging you, all your tensions and worries just vanish and you experience heaven in the massage room.

Four Hands Massage

Do not panic hearing the name, as this is one of the amazing massages given to our clients. The four hands massage is perfect for those who are pissed off with the daily routine and need some heavy dose to let go of everything in their life for the time they are in the massage room. The four hands massage will provide you with body rub New York but the only difference will be you will have two therapists paying attention to you alone.

During the four hands massage, two therapists will work on the same client. Well, the situation can be quite overwhelming for the client, as he will not know on which move he should react. The client is treated like a king where two masseuses are working for him and there are no other world tensions in his life. Body Rub in New York as it provides great relaxation to your mind and body, imagine, how it would be when two therapists are working on your body at the same time. You will be burst out of your emotions and you will surely come out of the massage room as the most relaxed person on earth.



A four hands massage is like two full body rubs in New York at the same time. The talented and licensed therapist treat the body of the client as their canvas where they will choreograph their moves slowly, steadily through which the client too can enjoy the moves and can feel each of the fingers of the therapist move on his body. There are a number of four hands massages and you can select the one that you feel right for you. Four hands massage will go bit heavy on your pocket as compared to the normal massage but the pleasure is just unforgettable. This is so because two therapists need to be compensated at the same time. Not all the spas offer this service, you can count on Honest Body Rub and we will provide you with excellent four hands massage.

Reasons to get four hands massage

When you have two therapists working for you, your mind and body will react differently. Your first feeling might be rushing where you will not know which move to compliment with a sensual reaction but as the massage moves ahead, your body and mind will make themselves comfortable with control over their reactions. Four hands massage is indeed a powerful treatment for the people who are absolutely exhausted in life and wishes a new turn in their lives.

What is a Nuru Massage?

If you are going for a Nuru massage for the first time then you might be wondering, what is it and how it can be better for you. Come to us and we will make it a heavenly experience for you. Before you book yourself an appointment for Nuru massage New York, understand what a Nuru massage in New York is and how it is going to benefit you.

Nuru massage that is also known as Nuru glide or Nuru slide was originated in Japan and from that very place, it has reached the other parts of the world. Nuru in general means ‘slippery’. Honest Body Rub has adopted this massage and we are proud to serve you with excellent Nuru massage in New York. The Japanese art of massage has come all the way to New York only for you. If you are tired of your daily routine, Nuru can provide you some pleasure you were longing for for a long time.


couple in spa
couple in spa


If still, you have not added Nuru to your weekend plans, then you are missing out something exciting in your life. Nuru is the most intimate and sensual massages in the world and the massage is done completely in Nude position. Your masseuse will massage your body with hers, you can experience her laying over you, touching each part of your body with hers, imagine how sensational and tantalizing it will be for you. You will not have any chance to think of your tensions and you can stay free and enjoy the moment with your hot girl.

Just imagine the situation where a nude, hot and sexy girl is stripping her clothes in front of your and rolling the Nuru Gel just to massage your body. Watching the gel cascading her body parts will let you drool over her and this is the time, the massage already starts. We want you to forget your daily tensions and stress and enjoy every moment with our masseuse. Drool over her curves of the body and imagine them touching each of body part to invoke your senses. The masseuse will infuse all the gel into your body with hers and give you a sensational massage.

At honest Body Rub, we provide our clients with utmost satisfaction. We want your mind as well as your body to indulge in the massage fully and hence our ambiance and the masseuses are rated the best in New York.

The Perfect Ambiance For Erotic Massage – Professional Erotic Massage Parlor

You might think erotic massages are easy for the masseuse and the management of the parlor as it is their daily task but it is not easy, as it looks so. Behind a successful erotic massage Manhattan, the team of the parlor works too hard to create a perfect ambiance, train themselves and behave professionally when they have all the chances to go personal in the massage room. The masseuse knows exactly what they have to do and end the massage happily.

Here is the list of items that are necessary for correct ambiance for erotic massage in Manhattan.

1. Mood Lighting

The candles, the dim lights, the yellow and white dippers are all required to create a soothing massage environment. Nothing in the massage room should cause fatigue in the eyes of the client and as soon as the client enters the massage room, his mood should lift and he should imagine what is going to happen in the next 30-50 minutes massage.

When it comes to sensual massages, mood lifting is very important. As a massage parlor owner, you should make sure that you use aromatherapy candles and the dimmest lights so that the client is able to get rid of his stress completely.


This is the next ingredient in the concoction of a soothing massage ambiance. Music plays a very important role is massage. When the client is laid down, humming with the soft music, he already imagines himself in some other world and this way he is able to take complete benefit of the massage. Each move of the masseuse is felt by the client and he is involved sensually in the massage with the masseuse.


Make sure that the surroundings of the massage room are clean and tidy. You need to assure that none of the items near the massage room should remind the client of his daily tasks and routine. Every time your client opens his eyes, he should see nothing but a clean environment, which is insisting him to relax and pay attention to the massage he is taking. The furniture, the equipment etc. should be placed in such a way that they are not hindrances in the massage experience.


For a good massage, incense and soothing fragrances are of utmost importance. You should use some light fragranced incense that will help the client to focus on the massage.

5.Massage Oils

Last but not the least; the massage oils are very important in the massage. As a reputed massage parlor, you should make sure that the massage oils you use during the erotic massage in New York are of best quality.

What is a body rub?

Most of you must be mistaking body rub with a massage but it is not so. Before understanding what a body rub is, you should make it clear in your mind that body rub and massage is different. A body rub is a way a massage is done. In such massages, the oils and lotions that are used in very important. Few of you will like to attach not only physically but also emotionally while in a massage. The therapeutics should be well trained licensed to carry such massages on their own.

Massage involves manipulation of the soft tissues of your body and on the other hand, a body rub will work on your pressures, tensions, motions, and vibrations that are performed naturally or through some mechanical forces. A body rub is very beneficial is solving your physical problems.


How does a Body rub work?

A body rub NYC will first include lotions, oils and liniments. These things are very essential is making the massage effect. Of course, you will not want the massage to be rough and hence the role of the lotions is to make your experience a smooth one. there are a number of oils available in the market. You can choose one for yourself and if you ask your therapist, he too will suggest what will be the best for you. There are oils like olive oil, grape seed oil, coconut oil, mustard oil and so on.
As it is, rubbing these oils is essential for your body and when these oils are used in a massage, the massage becomes more effective. The moisture of the oil provides the good glow to the skin and the relaxation is the additional benefit. You just need to lie down without any hassles or worries and your therapist will do the needful to relax you to the core.

Body Rub NYC

If you think body rub is new then you should know that it is not new. It has been there for a long time. This therapy is used for many of the rehabilitation purposes for thousands of years. The massages are used in the current times for physical ailments, chiropractors, athletic trainers and so on. These kinds of massages are used to relieve stress throughout the body. There are a number of parlors and spa that are offering such kinds of services and we can take the benefits of these therapies with great ease.

People are so busy in their lives that therapies like these have come up as a boon to people. These services are even available at your doorstep. This is good when you want to have the massage at your comfort.

Nuru Erotic Happy Ending

What are you looking in Erotic Massage? Intimacy, relaxation, pure ecstasy, connection, beautiful time with a beautiful girl. Erotic massage in New York has much to offer! Choose wisely , read reviews, and book Nuru Naked Body to body session with sweet happy ending at the end! You won’t regret and keep coming back! Manhattan’s best models for erotic massage experience!

Nuru nyc

Share your secret with a beautiful masseuse in a candlelit room with romantic music and nuru mattress. 

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Male Erotic Nuru Massage New York

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Nuru massage in New York

It’s not very difficult to find nuru massage parlor in New York City. But quantity doesn’t always mean quality. On our website you can find only qualified erotic bodywork providers. We’ve studied Japanese Nuru Slide in Tokyo for 3 months and ready to perform our skills on New York men !!! Trust only well reviewed masseuse. When it comes to your pleasure

Call for erotic massage in New York

Erotic Massage in New York

When the burning desire controls you we are here to help. Nuru studio little oasis in Manhattan Midtown. We offer tantric bodyrub, nuru slide, sensual male massage. Come and get it :)
New York is a capital of Happy clients! Happy Beginnings and Happy Endings !

What Is Couples Massage?

Whether you’re on a romantic getaway or simply treating yourself to an indulgent spa session, a couples massage is a great way to relax and rejuvenate both you and your loved one. Despite the suggestive name, couples massages aren’t just for couples — friends and family members can also enjoy this invigorating experience together.

Couples massages are often provided at hotels, spas or massage practices. A larger room equipped with two massage beds provides the setting for the massage session. In establishments where couples massages are geared towards romantic partners, dim lighting, candles or a fireplace may accentuate the atmosphere. During a couples massage, one massage therapist is assigned to each individual so that massages can be provided simultaneously.

You and your partner may engage in a massage therapy session together in order to help each other feel more comfortable experiencing a massage; this is especially true if your partner is attending his first massage therapy session and will feel more at ease with you there. Couples massage can also be used as a way for you and a romantic partner, loved one or friend, to spend quality time together and become closer in your relationship.


What is Erotic Massage?


Erotic massage or sensuous massage is the use of massage techniques by a person on another person’s erogenous zones to achieve or enhance their sexual excitation or arousal. Massages have been used for medical purposes for a very long time, and their use for erotic purposes also has a long history. In the case of women, the two focal areas are the breasts and pubis, while in case of men, the focal area is the male genitals. When the massage is of a partner’s genitals, the act is usually referred to as mutual masturbation.

Today, erotic massage is used by some people on occasion as a part of sex, either as foreplay or as the final sex act, or as part of sex therapy. There is also a large commercial erotic massage industry in some countries and cities.

What is Nuru Massage?

Nuru is an erotic massage technique in which one or more masseuses rubs their body against the clients’ body after both parties are nude and covered with an odorless and tasteless massage oil. The word originates from the Japanese language and means “slippery/smooth”.

Nuru incorporates the use of a mostly odorless and tasteless massage oil which can be derived from seaweed leaves, sometimes referred to as nuru gel. The gel is applied to a large area of the body. During the massage participants will try to get the widest possible physical contact, the masseuses often using their entire body on the person to be treated. Strong tactile sensations are triggered that are designed to relieve stress.

The main component of gel used during Nuru massages is the sulfated polysaccharide fucoidan, which can be obtained from the leaves of the brown seaweed plant (Sphaerotrichia divaricata). Chamomile (Azulene) and other minerals are often added.

Nuru massages have become legal in certain regions of the world including areas in Canada, Europe and Las Vegas.